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The Power of Punchout

To most people, punchout may sound like a term associated with mixed martial arts or boxing, but it applies to purchasing and procurement systems as well.

Punchout is an internet protocol that allows procurement systems, such as ReQlogic, to connect directly to suppliers’ eCommerce web sites. Users can select items from the suppliers’ catalogs, checkout, and send the items back to the procurement systems. The experience is exactly like shopping online at sites like Amazon!

One key benefit is the accessibility to the suppliers’ catalogs. Users punchout from their system, and then interact on a supplier’s site to search for and select the items needed. There is no need to replicate the catalog within the procurement system’s item master list, making the configuration and use of the punchout process quick and easy while reducing errors. Users can also take advantage of contracted pricing using punchout. Suppliers can tailor their pricing to specific organizations based on projected volume and other considerations, providing cost certainty to their customers.

The History of Punchouts in ReQlogic

Punchout and the cXML standard that underlies this technology has been around since 1999.

ReQlogic first incorporated punchout into its application in 2003. Since then, customers have successfully used ReQlogic to punchout to a wide array of suppliers, from office supply companies such as Staples, Office Depot, and W.B. Mason, to technology sites such as CDW, and general business suppliers such as Grainger. There are hundreds of suppliers across many industries whose systems support punchout. As an example, many of ReQlogic’s medical and pharmaceutical customers connect to VWR and Thermo Fisher Scientific via punchout.

With ReQlogic’s access rights, customers can control access to catalogs by giving permission to specific groups within their organization. For example, the general user group has access to Staples, whereas a group of lab technicians can access Thermo Fisher Scientific.

ReQlogic’s Punchout Catalogs – Flexible and Convenient

ReQlogic’s punchout provides flexibility for users to create their requisitions first and then punchout from a specific document. Alternatively, they can first go directly to the supplier’s site, do their item selection, and upon checkout, ReQlogic will automatically create the requisition for them.

Once items are populated on the requisition, ReQlogic’s workflow is used to make sure the request is properly routed to appropriate managers or buying personnel for approval.

The convenience of punchout doesn’t end there. After the requisition is approved and the PO is created from ReQlogic into the Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. ReQlogic can then use the punchout cXML standard to send that same PO back to the supplier.

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